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After spending the past couple of decades working behind the scenes as a songwriter, producer, recording engineer and musician on commercials, soundtracks, and projects for other artists, Ron Crowder steps out here for his first solo EP release, “Liberty.”

The EP includes guest contributions from some of New Mexico’s finest musicians, including Hillary Smith, Delphia, Dona Jenkins Wilder, Jim Casey, Glenn Kostur, and Daniel Ward.  The title track was awarded Best Song at the 2018 New Mexico Music Awards.

“Crowder creates witty, craft-anchored rock with informed, cross-genre flourishes, á la Newman or Zevon.”  Weekly Alibi

“They don’t hand out New Mexico Music Awards to just anyone, but Ron Crowder—who took home the title of Best Song 2018 with the song “Liberty” from his new self-produced EP of the same name—isn’t just anyone. A bit of a session guy, Crowder’s played with some of our local greats, but now he’s struck out on his own with a nifty mix of rock ‘n’ soul, and things are looking bright. Crowder’s even reintroduced the smokin’ rock ‘n’ roll sax to the world.” Santa Fe Reporter

“Written and performed in a retro style he terms rock ‘n’ soul, the EP’s songs are steeped in his compassion for the working-class roots from which he hails, and give voice to the everyday celebrations and struggles that the common man or woman goes through.” Albuquerque Journal

“People across this land/are ready to march and shout/hatred is alive, division in our house.” The verse is from “Liberty,” a catchy-as-hell ‘60s-evocative tune complete with wah-wah effects and a burning guitar solo.” Santa Fe New Mexican

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